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Dragon Story Forum

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Dragon Story Forum

Hier geht's um das Smartphone-Spiel Dragon Story, indem man viele, viele, viele Drachen züchten kann. Oder auch schmieden, oder. Herzlich Willkommen im Dragon Story Wiki-Forum! Auf diesen Seiten ist Raum zum Fragenstellen und zum regen Austausch über dieses Wiki. Die Benutzung ist. die frage hab ich auch gestellt mich auch beo storm8 gemeldet und keine genaue antwort bekommen nur ein link zu einem forum und dort bekommt man null.

spielstände auf neues Smartphone übertragen?

Lade Dragon Story™ und genieße die App auf deinem iPhone, iPad und iPod touch. Auch kann ich mich so nicht im Forum äußern. Außerdem fehlt bei mir. Herzlich Willkommen im Dragon Story Wiki-Forum! Auf diesen Seiten ist Raum zum Fragenstellen und zum regen Austausch über dieses Wiki. Die Benutzung ist. Hey ok Sorry not Englisch Ich hab ein Problem ich kann kein Dragon Titan Uprising mehr Spielen. Ich bin vor ca. 3 - 4 Tagen lvl 16 geworden.

Dragon Story Forum Hatch and Raise Your Own Dragons Video

Dragon Story - Gameplay Review - Free Game Trailer for iPhone/iPad/iPod

A Prince sets off to hunt a dragon, but a Pig-keeper is forced to save the world. The Dragon’s Eggs. Luca conquers his fears when searching for dragon’s eggs in a ruined castle. My Father’s Dragon. Feel free to contact us if you\'d like to use a story!. Okay, let's get this out in the open now. I'm not human. No, I'm not a dog. This is not a story about a cute puppy who finds a new owner and everything turns out hunky-dory. I'm not some pet or human plaything. I am a dragon. Now, I've noticed that humans don't really understand or know much about dragons. Dragon Story Forum. likes. Avid Dragon Story player who would love to gain more tips for breeding and fighting please post and share on the page or if you want to be rotzbengel.comers: Last Jump to page: Threads 1 to 20 of Icon Legend. Use this control to limit the display of threads to Chat Gg newer than the specified time frame. Champion Dragons Another thing, when you watch an ad to battle again right away, nothing happens. I reached out to Cyprin, and Bitcoin Sicher Kaufen in the dragon language. I nodded, and got in. Fashion Story Mermaid Cove. Keeping it short and simple, I send Brandon a text; Hey. Black as midnight, full leather upholstery. I trudged up the walkway, grumbling about the rain. Www.1001 Spiele yelled, and I growled, "Where. I yanked a knife from my shoe, snapped it open, and threw it. Magic would easily win every Jetztsoielen in the game. Now, I've noticed that humans don't really understand or know much about dragons.

Effie and Harry are forced to change the weather when a plague of dragons comes to town! Nigel and the Princess will conquer a dragon and a griffin when Love and Arithmetic collide.

Check out our useful game guides before you fly up into the clouds! Looking for a thread for previously released Dragons? Pull up a chair and check out these pages!

Frostnight Dragon - Nov Use this control to limit the display of threads to those newer than the specified time frame.

Note: when sorting by date, 'descending order' will show the newest results first. Remember Me? In this new addition to the popular series, you can collect a whole new batch of dragons and raise them for battle.

Each dragon comes with its own habitat and powers. Regular events are held that alow you to win rare dragon eggs, items, and other sweet rewards.

When you have more than dragons to hatch and raise, you will need more space than your phone or tablet has. Forget about complicated setups or extra hardware.

All you need to do is click the link above us and let BlueStacks do the rest. Use your mouse and keyboard to more easily control your farming and hatching while your steady home internet connection ensures you will always have your dragons at your side whenever you want them.

Replicate what you are doing on the main instance on all other instances. Level up faster, play more. Keep your PC running smoothly even with multiple instances.

But he does his job well. There are still some out there who want to kill dragons. I unlocked the door of our house, and stepped in out of the rain. As I was in the process of taking off my coat, a flicker of motion caught my eye.

Without thinking, I jumped to the side, slamming into a shelf and sending some glassware smashing to the floor. My eyes darted to the door, where a dagger was quivering.

I quickly searched for the threat, and saw my teacher, Cyprin, charging at me with a sword in one hand and another dagger in the other.

I let my training take over. As Cyprin slashed, I ducked, then tackled him. We landed on the coffee table, crushing it to splinters. His dagger came up, and I instinctively let go a little.

Claws sprouted from my fingertips, and the dagger spun across the room with a clang! Cyprin didn't allow emotion to discolor his face.

He took up a fencer's stance, and I mirrored him. Inside, I was cursing. Cyprin knew I was rubbish at it. And with only claws to help me, I didn't have much chance.

But I still jumped at him. He parried my strike, and his other hand came up, alight with the subtle glow of sorcery. I felt a strong headrush, and then pain as I struck the far wall.

Cyprin leaped after me, sword poised to stab me. I closed my eyes and summoned what power I knew I could control.

There was a bright flash, and I threw myself to the left. I felt a sharp pain in my arm, but my fingers closed around the dagger stuck in the door.

I wrenched it out, and pounced on Cyprin before he could react. We both went down, me on top. Cyprin raised an eyebrow. I looked down to see his sword sticking out of my bicep.

I winced. Cyprin sighed, and quickly yanked the sword out. I bit my tongue, but a whimper still escaped me. Cyprin inspected the wound, and then held a hand over it.

He started to mutter quickly and fluidly in the dragon tongue, and the skin on my arm flowed back together seamlessly.

I nodded in thanks, and he helped me up. But you must be ready at all times! I nearly had you when you walked in. Now, clean this mess up, and do your homework.

Dinner will be done in an hour. Why did we keep weapons in the kitchen? Well, the knives work great on tomatoes. The other weapons we keep in a locked closet on the second floor, between Cyprin's room and mine.

But the living room was a mess. I looked around, and sighed. Magic was the only way to fix all the broken things.

And it would give me practice. I quickly closed the curtains, so that the neighbors wouldn't notice anything odd.

Magic is difficult for most to control, and I'm no exception. Magic is very much alive, and rebellious. Often, it will refuse to do what I want it to, and blow something up instead.

So, I focused. I closed my eyes, and reached for my power. When I felt I had a good hold on it, I started murmuring in the dragon language.

I wasn't fluent, as the language is old and complicated. But I knew enough to get by in magic. I slowly, carefully shaped the magic into a spell that I wanted, and pointed at the coffee table.

With a shudder, the splintered pieces of wood came together. They didn't fit perfectly, but it was better than nothing. I turned my attention to the glass, still speaking under my breath.

The glass trembled, and then slid together. I did a better job with it, and the lines where it had broken were barely visible.

The door just wouldn't cooperate. No matter how many times I tried, the wound made by the dagger just wouldn't go away. I gave up with a grunt of disgust, and turned towards the stairs to start my homework.

Like most dragons, I understand most human schooling with ease. I was in advanced classes. Dragons are just better at most mental things.

We do have our shortcomings, but logic isn't one of them. Cyprin called from downstairs, and I closed my Algebra textbook. Dinner was quiet, as always.

Cyprin wasn't very vocal most of the time. During my lessons, he would speak when needed, and let actions do the talking.

And bruises. Bruises are excellent teachers. After dinner, I did the dishes. Cyprin disappeared into his room, doing whatever he did.

Reporting to the Elders, praying, practicing his own magic, I didn't know. But when I was done with the dishes, I went up to my room, and laid in bed reading manga until I fell asleep.

My alarm clock flew across the room. I'm sorry, but loud, annoying things at six in the morning? No thanks.

I grumbled, but I knew that Cyprin would come into my room to 'wake' me if I didn't. And I'd been woken up by Cyprin before. It wasn't something I wanted to experience again.

I got up and staggered my way to the bathroom. My morning routine is like most every normal teenager, though I do use magic a lot more.

To shave, to make my hair the way I want it. To get all the cat hair off my favorite shirt. Little things, I'm good at.

I started my car, and started to back out of the driveway. At that instant, my phone buzzed, announcing that I had a text.

I glanced down at it; forgetting something? It was from Cyprin. I glanced up at the house, to see him holding up a paper bag. I groaned, got out of the car, and met him at the door.

He didn't say anything, but raised an eyebrow. I nodded, chagrined, and got back into my car. I love my car. It's a Camaro. Black as midnight, full leather upholstery.

I backed out of the driveway and hit the gas, leaving skid marks of the pavement. I laughed happily. I knew Cyprin would give me hell for it later, but I loved to drive my car.

I got to the school early, as usual. I always park out of the way. It makes it easier to avoid attention. This might seem odd to you, but I don't really have a lot of friends.

I go out of my way to avoid them. Friends would want to hang out. And obviously, if my teacher tends to attack me when I walk in the door, that can't happen.

I usually spend about a half an hour in the library, since it's so quiet. I curled up in one of the old armchairs with a favorite book.

It was faded from all the times I'd read it. I'd been reading for about half an hour when someone walked into the library. Not the librarian, who knew me well enough to stay out of the library at this time.

It was a boy. He looked around, a confused expression on his face. I shook my head, despairing at the stupidity of humans.

I refocused on my book. A pair of feet entered my view. I looked up, and saw the boy standing in front of me. I growled in annoyance, but nodded.

I stood, and carefully returned the book to it's shelf. I walked out of the library, not bothering to see if he was following. Apparently he was, because his slightly breathless voice said, "I'm Brandon.

Thanks for helping me. Articulate, no? I nodded, and led him to his class. He smiled at me, and thanked me again. I nodded, and left him standing there.

I had a class to get to as well, you know. I was late, but my art teacher was cool. He never got mad if I was late.

Art class is my shortest, though. The others dragged until lunch. I pulled out my paper bag, and rummaged around inside for food.

Cyprin insisted on a strict diet, so all I found was a ham and cheese sandwich and an apple. I sighed. Some soda never killed anyone.

Someone sat across from me, and I looked up in surprise. No one ever sat with me at lunch. Brandon was smiling politely, but he didn't ask permission.

He just sat there, an innocent look on his face. I decided to ignore him. I raised an eyebrow at him. How do you think? He laughed. Turnabout's fair play.

My nose twitched, but I ignored it. I picked up my lunch, and dumped most of my uneaten food into the nearest garbage. However, before I could escape, Brandon was at my side.

I snorted. Do keep up. I can't keep spelling things out for you. Brandon was quiet for a minute, then he said, "No one else talks to you. Everyone leaves you alone.

That must be. He puts an arm over my shoulder, and ignores the tightening of my muscles. I need a friend, and you need a friend, right?

I grunt, and roll my eyes. Now I have a 'friend'. Just what I needed. Someone else to hide things from. My life just loves to go from simple to complicated, like my car likes to go from zero to seventy.

I stopped in my tracks. More problems? Why, yes please. Brandon obviously notices my odd behavior, but doesn't comment on it.

I walk to my next class, which he strangely shares with me. He tries to start up whispered conversations throughout, but I ignore him.

So, halfway through the class, he grabs my hand. I start, but he quickly pulls out a pen and writes something on the inside of my hand.

Then he lets go of my hand. I look down at what he scribbled, and see that it's a phone number, obviously Brandon's.

When the class is over, he confirms my suspicion by saying, "You'll have to call me sometime, or text me.

I gotta go, Calculus. Text me after school! I stare at the number, but there's no need. I already had it memorized.

Damn dragon brain. My last class, history, went by fairly quickly. The bell rang and I was out the door. I was halfway across the parking lot when Brandon tackled me from behind.

I reacted instinctively, grabbing one of his arms twisting so that he crumpled to the ground, a shocked look on his face. I let go at once, and offered him a hand up.

Application Permissions: Help me understand what permissions mean. Minimum Operating System: Android 2.

Approximate Download Time: More than 5 minutes. Customer reviews. How are ratings calculated? Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon.

It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. Customer images. See all customer images. Top reviews Most recent Top reviews.

Top reviews from the United States. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. That said, I do like the game - the dragons are cute and most of the people I have "met" are very nice and helpful.

I also wish visiting your neighbors easier - like you could go from one to the next without returning to the main page - it takes hours to go through my whole list!!!!

Dragon Story has a lot of cute dragons, and the quests act as a tutorial for anyone who hasn't played this type of game before. Although cash is a little slow to build at first, it does seem to catch up eventually.

One really nice feature, for me, is the help it lends in building community. You can easily visit lots of other islands, and ask other "caretakers" to be neighbors, then you can gift each other gold and other things that you might otherwise have to pay real money for, making this game truly free, at least as far as I have played it.

You can also contact people directly via text or by their Storm8 ID. Some players will also share advice to help lower-level players along.

Herzlich Willkommen im Dragon Story Wiki-Forum! Auf diesen Seiten ist Raum zum Fragenstellen und zum regen Austausch über dieses Wiki. Die Benutzung ist. Forum: Übersicht > Storm ID neues Handy Hallo, unzwar hab ich ein neues Handy galaxy S3 davor galaxy s2 und ich würde gerne meine Alte storm ID. Trials of the Blood Dragon ist für PC, PS 4 und Xbox One erhä​ Hier geht's um das Smartphone-Spiel Dragon Story, indem man viele, viele, viele Drachen züchten kann. Oder auch schmieden, oder.

Karten Für Supertalent gewГhrt. - Screenshots

Geht in meinen Augen überhaupt nicht.
Dragon Story Forum Dragon Story is the BEST dragon game for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with more Dragons than anyone else! Which dragons will become your favorite? Mighty Fire Dragons, whimsical Air Dragons, mysterious Magic Dragons and many more await you in Dragon Story! Dragon Story is an online only game. Dragon Story You can log into the forums with your Storm8 ID and password. You can set up your ID and password from within any Storm8 game in the Help/FAQ menu under the section: "How Do I Access The Forums?". Sells For: 2, The Dragon Stables was only available on iOS devices. The Dragon Stables was released on Android Jan. 15, A list of all Dragon Tale Events can be found here. Please refrain from posting Neighbor requests on this page or any other Dragon Tales page. ***As per the Dragon Story Wiki:Code of Conduct - Neighbor Request: The Neighbors page is the only place outside of a user's profile and personal pages for neighbor requests to be posted. Any neighbor. Storm8 Fan Forums - A friendly community for all Storm8 games, including Dragon Story. Dragon Story Breeding Tool and Stats - Hyper ch's breeding tool lets you look up which of your currently owned dragons you can breed to get a particular dragon, and if you don't own any, it will tell you which dragons you can obtain to breed it. It also allows you to submit stats for dragons that you have bred, as well as view the stats submitted by others.
Dragon Story Forum Please note that Dragon Story is free to play, but you can purchase in-app items with real money. Dein Gerät benötigt zum International Friendlies eine aktive Systemwette. Version 3. Ich liebe dieses Spiel und spiele es seit !
Dragon Story Forum


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